Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lawsuit - Hypnosis for Sexual Harassment

Here's yet another accusation of someone using hypnosis for nefarious purposes.

Supposedly, her boss had her lie down on his 'magic couch' where he hypnotized her, gavve her pleasure suggestions, touched her inappropriately, and possibly posed her for pictures in various states of undress.

Now, there tend to be two camps about hypnosis. One says that hypnosis is a magical tool giving the hypnotist untold powers. The other claims that nobody can hypnotize you and force you to do something you wouldn't normally want to. My position, and the position of is that the second option is sort of right, but "wouldn't normally want to" has a lot of wiggle room, depending on the situation.

Is her claim ridiculous? Probably. Possible? Probably. Worth $5 million? I'd say no, but then again, I've never been hypnotized and molested.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Amazing Response to Hypnosis How-To

iHypnoU does more than just offer great hypnosis .mp3s and hypnosis videos - we're also hard at work preparing educational materials so you can learn how to hypnotize people.

In that vein, we posted a how-to on on one of Michael's favorites: the super easy magnetic hands induction.

In just 5 days, we've had almost 1300 views. It's been selected as a featured instructable, and has attained 'popular' status thanks to how many people have read it. If you're looking to learn hypnosis, it's a good place to start.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Easy Hypnosis Induction

I've posted a simple how-to guide on one of my favorite hypnosis inductions over at If you've never heard of the site, it's a great place for posting step-by step instructions for all sorts of projects and skills. This is the sort of thing that I envisioned for from the start. It's not just about making hypnosis .mp3s where we hypnotize you. It's also about killing a lot of the disinformation about what hypnosis is and what it can do. iHypnoU also works as Internet Hypnosis University, for what it's worth...that's a little pretentious, but I love being able to share the joys of hypnosis with people.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally bit the YouTube bullet...

After hearing some good feedback, I posted a really fast induction on YouTube.

No suggestions, no post-hypnotics...just down and back up, with a bit of relaxation in the middle. Considering I have a video about hypnosis safety on YouTube I have a bit of a reputation to uphold.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Each Subject is Different

I just posted a new video to's the link.

In the video, I show my work with one subject on a simple demonstration: forgetting the number 7. It turns out to not be so simple though, when her analytical nature and math background cause her conscious mind to balk at the suggestion.