Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hypnosis Suggestion of Surgery

Another interesting story about what hypnotic suggestions can do, and what lengths some hypnotist go to in order to craft a successful suggestion:

From the article:

"The therapy involved a number of sessions in which she was familiarized with the procedure of a gastric band surgery, including a real surgical gastric band and stomach model."

"She then underwent several sessions of hypnosis, in which every stage of the surgery was narrated to her ... a recording of surgical tools played in the background. The hypnotherapists also pumped smells into the room to simulate those found in ... a hospital."

Supposedly she has lost 55 pounds, though it doesn't say over what period. I imagine there would be an easier way to achieve weight loss through hypnotic suggestions, but if it works for her, more power to both her and her hypnotists.

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