Thursday, September 10, 2009

Testing is key

I've been in limbo for the past month or so, and it's been really painful.


I've gone through several product revisions. I was on the verge of releasing my first script - a sleep aid that would also help you wake up at a specific time without using an alarm clock. But I ran into a problem.

The file worked too well. Those who listened to it were falling asleep before I even got to the part about their mental alarm clock.

So rather than sell something that only "sort of" worked, I figgured I'd tweak it. After another round, I decided that there was a better way - I'd split up the file into two seperate recordings, one for a mental alarm clock, and another for getting to sleep.

But now I've run into another problem - my beta testers are being a little flakey.

I don't want to put something up for sale until I'm completely satisfied, because that's what I want my customers to be. So I'm going to new lengths to get feedback on the file, and hopefully I'll be able to release both very soon.

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