Thursday, December 17, 2009

Seeing it in Person

I recently got the opportunity to finally watch someone listening to my mp3 induction files in person.

As a hypnotist, body language is one of the most important indicators as to how you are doing, and that’s not something you normally get to see when the person listening to your file is 100 miles away, webcam or no.

It was a great relief that not only did my subject enjoy the experience, and give me high marks for the quality of the file; her body language showed that she was achieving a moderate trance depth, despite the strangeness of the situation and having just completed a six mile run.

When you’re there in person, you can see the rhythm of the subject’s breathing, the tension of his or her muscles, and the motion of his or her eyes beneath the eyelids. On top of this, you can notice facial flushing, especially redness in the eyes, resulting from relaxed blood vessels. These are some of the most important clues as to how well someone is responding to hypnosis.

All of my files use the same induction, and so this review gave me the confidence to release my two for-sale downloads, knowing that they use similar techniques and are of even higher audio quality.

I often have a difficult time writing a script in more than an outline form before starting a session, as it’s hard to work on the pacing and wording without some feedback in the form of someone listening. With some additional help from this subject, I hope to be releasing some new recordings within the next few months.

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