Friday, July 9, 2010

Each Subject is Different

I just posted a new video to's the link.

In the video, I show my work with one subject on a simple demonstration: forgetting the number 7. It turns out to not be so simple though, when her analytical nature and math background cause her conscious mind to balk at the suggestion.


Parkey said...

I find that number amnesia is quite a tricky suggestion to do at the best of times and to my mind is actually an above average response.

Do you think that you, as the hypnotist, where everything you say is a suggestion, should be telling your subject that she will have issues with that sort of suggestion?

Just a thought.

All the best,

iHypnoU said...

Good point. I'm certainly not helping my case, but I'm only pacing what she's already feeling. With a bit of work, I'm fairly certain I could lead that in a more amenable direction.