Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lawsuit - Hypnosis for Sexual Harassment

Here's yet another accusation of someone using hypnosis for nefarious purposes.

Supposedly, her boss had her lie down on his 'magic couch' where he hypnotized her, gavve her pleasure suggestions, touched her inappropriately, and possibly posed her for pictures in various states of undress.

Now, there tend to be two camps about hypnosis. One says that hypnosis is a magical tool giving the hypnotist untold powers. The other claims that nobody can hypnotize you and force you to do something you wouldn't normally want to. My position, and the position of is that the second option is sort of right, but "wouldn't normally want to" has a lot of wiggle room, depending on the situation.

Is her claim ridiculous? Probably. Possible? Probably. Worth $5 million? I'd say no, but then again, I've never been hypnotized and molested.

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Anonymous said...

Love the closing line.