Monday, August 2, 2010

Indiana Hypnotist Committee Closed

For a while there, Indiana was an interesting location for hypnotists - it was one of the few states to regulate hypnosis and the only one to require licensing from a state board to practice hypnosis. For the most part, the rules only applied to pure hypnotherapists who didn't hold any other certification, but it was still an important consideration.

According to the comittee's website, however, effective July 1st the committee, and thus all it's associated laws, ceased to exist. Thus as I understand it anyone, with any level of training or certification, can now practice hypnotherapy in Indiana.

Now, considering some of the issues caused by the committee, I would almost say this is a good thing. Certification was difficult in some cases, and many of the applicants were actually practitioners from other states simply looking to become 'state-certified' for marketing purposes. There is no true non-profit overarching accreditation organization for hypnosis, that I'm aware of, to base standards on either.

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