Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Interesting, Annoying Tactic

I try to stay on top of developments in the online hypnosis community as best I can, and I've noticed something interesting over the past couple of weeks.

Someone's gone out and registered a bunch of domain names that are of the form *state name* and is then using automated posting to fill them with content, mostly pulled from Yahoo Answers or article databases. They even pull the responses and post them as comments.

What are they looking to gain from these sites? I would assume they hope to be able to pull traffic from local searches, with the goal of either selling the urls or pushing referrals, since the targeted domain name would help, but they might just try to do affiliate sales or link building.

It bothers me to see people putting more junk and duplicate content (Especially when they don't own it!) on the internet, especially in areas that I care about.

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