Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If only it were so easy...

I like to keep tabs on traffic to my sites using Google's Analytics service.

It allows me to see what people are looking at, how many people are looking, and how they got to my site. This makes it easier for me to produce content people are looking for, improve the layout and usability of my sites, and how I can better promote them.

Every so often though, it produces some interesting surprises.

One of the most awesome features is that you can see what search terms brought you a viewer from Google. I was looking through that today when I ran across something surprising and strange.

One of my visits was from someone whose search term was "how to make someone your obedient slave with hypnosis."

Apparently, my site for hypnosis mp3 files, iHypnou.com features in position 13 for this term, thanks to some of my talk about hypnosis safety on YouTube where I discussed how rediculous many of the hypnosis videos are, claiming to be for simple relaxation but containing suggestions for obedience and submission.

Obviously, the person didn't find much information about enslaving people, but I'd like to hope they learned how rediculous the idea is before they shell out money for some worthless product.

If only it were so easy for me to rank highly for keyword traffic that I actually want...

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Parkey said...

You're posting content on the internet and you're not expecting to get people coming to your site, any site, looking for sex? Good luck with that. ;)

Nice blog.